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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Specialist in Allen, Fort Worth, San Antonio, & Addison TX

Medical weight loss has many benefits for your overall health and well-being. Talk to our team of leading healthcare professionals today at North Tex MedCare Clinic and Urgent Care about our medical weight loss programs. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Allen TX, Fort Worth TX, San Antonio TX, and Addison TX.

Table of Contents:

What is medical weight loss?
What is involved in medical weight loss?
Is medical weight loss safe?
How can a doctor help with medical weight loss?

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss refers to the proactive management of diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors conducted by a physician. These programs often include medical diagnostics and comprehensive metabolic testing for monitoring physiological shifts during a program. While medical weight-loss programs usually have a much higher success rate than most self-managed diet regimens, both are focused on the same primary goal: improving a person’s nutritional and exercise habits.

What is involved in medical weight loss?

There are three main components to medical weight loss: initial consultation, behavior changes, and weight loss medications.

1. Initial Consultation

First, the doctor meets with you to learn about you and your goals. During this initial consultation, the doctor will figure out your ideal weight and work alongside you to create a plan to help you meet your goals while also improving your lifestyle. This initial consultation will not only provide you with the opportunity to get to know your doctor but also provide the doctor with the information necessary to help you.

2. Behavior Modification

Changing behaviors is the best and most straightforward way to lose weight. The critical behaviors that aid in weight loss are: eating foods that are low in calories and having a higher level of activity, in simpler words, diet and exercise. By following a medical weight loss plan, you’ll have a plan created by your doctor, optimized for your specific lifestyle and needs, and incorporates exercise and healthy foods to lose weight.

Diet: During a medical weight loss treatment, your doctor will create a diet plan that includes foods that promote weight loss and eating schedules that help your body burn the calories you get. Your doctor will let you know of different diets used for weight loss, such as low carbohydrate diets, high protein diets, and intermittent fasting.

Exercise: Exercise is essential for losing weight. Extra activity helps your body burn the energy it stores as fat and helps your body use energy from the food you eat more effectively. Your doctor can recommend several workouts to lose weight and find weight loss exercises that work best with your desired lifestyle.

Behavioral changes are most effective when they are personalized and meet your unique lifestyle and personality.

3. Weight Loss Medications

Your doctor may prescribe weight loss medication to help complement the weight loss diet or exercises that he or she recommends. Weight loss medications can help your body burn extra energy; however, there are a few potential adverse side effects caused by these medications. Because of these side effects, these medications are typically used to complement other weight loss behaviors and are generally not the only method of weight loss used. Your doctor will monitor you carefully if and when you’re using these medications to ensure that you are healthy while taking them.

Is medical weight loss safe?

Medical weight loss is safe. By trusting the knowledge and education of a doctor and pursuing a medical weight loss program, you can rest assured that you are receiving professional, individualized care and a plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Based on your goals, the doctor will recommend the program they think will ensure you reach the aims you came to us to achieve. This could be through prescribed appetite suppressants, natural slimming supplements, nutrition and exercise coaches, and regular appointments with weight loss coaches. Following a medical weight loss program set by your doctor will provide you with the best opportunity to lose weight and achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire.

How can a doctor help with medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss plans are unique since they are designed and monitored by a licensed physician. The doctor uses their knowledge and medical experience to help the individual want to lose weight by creating a realistic plan that meets their unique circumstances. Doctors typically have 11 to 18 years of education and are far more knowledgeable about weight loss than any fitness professional or wellness coach. They will also help identify and treat medical barriers that may prevent you from losing weight as well as you could. Doctors can also help you with the weight loss motivation that you need to succeed.

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