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Primary Care Clinic in Fort Worth, TX and Addison, TX

Primary Care is the first and last point of contact in patient health. They perform important preventative care and health maintenance on a regular basis, giving a strong overall picture of a patients health. With regular visits to a primary care physician you stay healthier and stay on tip of long term and chronic health issues that may crop up. Call us for more information. We have convenient locations to serve you in Fort Worth, TX and Addison, TX!

Primary Care Clinic Near Me in Fort Worth, TX and Addison, TX
Primary Care Clinic Near Me in Fort Worth, TX and Addison, TX

Regardless of how healthy you are it is important to have a Primary Care Physician to keep yourself that way. Primary Care Physicians are the best way to prevent illnesses before they start and maintain good overall health for your and your family.

What is primary care service?

Your Primary Care Physician is often the first and last point of contact in the maintenance of your overall health. Often a specialist in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics, your Primary Care Provider takes ongoing responsibility for your health needs and provides long term comprehensive care. The primary care physician does this through general health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling and the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses and disorders.

How do I find a new primary care physician?

If you are seeking a new Primary Care Provider there are a few things you should look for. Try to match a doctor with your health needs, such as looking for a Chronic Illness Specialist if you suffer from one or a Pediatrics specialist if you have Children. Consider logistics when choosing a new Primary Care Physician, would it be more convenient to go to your appointments from home, work or from your child’s school. Check that their availability matches your expectations, if you can only make appointments in the evening or early morning it is best to find a doctor who can accommodate. Ask for referrals from friends, family, or other medical professionals you see on a regular basis. Lastly you should make time to visit the office of the doctor you are considering, so you that you can confirm your expectations.

What do you see a primary care doctor for?

Your primary care physician should serve as your medical “base camp” where every treatment or concern begins and eventually ends. You should make sure you visit your primary care physician for most routine medical screenings, non-emergency illnesses and general wellness checkups. Your Primary Care Physician should also be the person to whom you voice most of your health questions and concerns. Your primary care physician will also help educate you on the best ways to keep yourself healthy, such as making recommendations about diet and exercise to avoid conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. They can also help spot some conditions early when they are easier to treat. By providing this regular care, your doctor will come to know you and your health, and will be better equipped to make recommendations based on your personal health needs.

Why choose a primary care doctor?

A primary care physician is an essential component in living a long and healthy life. Your doctor will ensure that you are staying on top of screenings for common types of cancer, that you and your family are getting the necessary immunizations and help you catch and deal with chronic and emerging illnesses that could lead to serious problems if left untreated. Because they see dozens of patients a day, Walk In Clinics are often unable to maintain relationships with regular patients and thus do not get a picture of their overall health.

Primary Care Physicians will also be able to refer you to specialists for various ailments, help prepare you for surgery and follow up on results. Often Walk In Clinics are not willing or not able to provide specialist referrals.

If you are in the Addison, Texas area and looking for a new Primary Care Physician, North Tex MedCare Clinic offers primary care services and many other medical services for the medical needs of you and your family. Please call our office to book a meet and greet appointment at your earliest convenience. We serve patients from Fort Worth TX, Addison TX, Carrollton TX, Richardson TX, Farmers Branch TX, Hebron TX, Forest Hill TX, North Richland Hills TX, White Settlement TX, and Highland Park TX.


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