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Medcare Clinic

Medcare Clinic in Fort Worth, San Antonio, & Addison TX

North Tex MedCare is here for your urgent care and all medical needs! Call us today or visit us online to book an appointment. We are your first stop for healthcare, and we are convenient locations to serve you in Fort Worth TX, San Antonio TX, and Addison TX!

Medcare Clinic Near Me in Fort Worth TX, San Antonio TX, and Addison TX
Medcare Clinic Near Me in Fort Worth TX, San Antonio TX, and Addison TX

Table of Contents:

What is a medical clinic?
What are the different types of medcare clinics?
How does a medcare clinic differ from a hospital?
When to go to a medcare clinic and when to go to a hospital?

What is a medical clinic?

A medical clinic is a broad name used to describe a facility that provides medical care to patients on an outpatient basis. This means that patients are diagnosed and treated in the clinic and then sent home following their visit with the doctor.

Inpatient care is typically reserved to hospitals that have the space and the facilities within them to provide patients with round the clock medical care, as well as meals and other services. Some medical clinics may be privately owned and operated under the leadership of a single doctor or group of doctors, while other medical clinics can be publicly owned or government owned.

Medical clinics offer primary care services to patients on either an appointment-only basis, or they may choose to accept walk-ins. The locations of medical clinics can vary, with some being located as a standalone building or part of a strip mall, while others may be located inside of another business, such as a retail store.

Depending on the clinic, they may have a tie-in to a hospital or university, and some clinics offer either low-cost or no-cost services to patients who don’t have health insurance or can’t afford expensive medical care.

What are the different types of medcare clinics?

There are many different types of medical care clinics that have chosen to focus on select areas of the medical field to provide patients with treatment in specific areas of their health.

The majority of clinics are primary care clinics that provide a broad spectrum of services to their patients to cover general medical needs. These clinics are typically staffed with general practitioners who have experience across a wide range of health concerns.

Sexual health clinics are another popular form of a medical clinic that can be used by men and women to provide services primarily focused on sexual health. This can include contraception, STI testing, pelvis exams, pregnancy testing, and other services related to sexual health.

Mental health clinics are available to help people struggling with mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. They typically employ social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are experienced with these types of concerns.

Some cities may also have addiction services clinics to work with patients who are dealing with a substance use disorder. Community health centers are also available in high-need areas, with support from the federal government to offer primary care services based on the patient’s ability to pay for services.

Lastly, retail clinics are located inside of a big box store, supermarket, or drug store and are staffed with a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Their scope of care is limited to minor illnesses and preventive care services, as well as some basic lab tests.

How does a medcare clinic differ from a hospital?

A medical care clinic provides patients with the ability to diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries, provide preventative care such as vaccine administration, and can perform basic laboratory testing such as urine tests and throat swabs.

Depending on the clinic, they may see patients on an appointment-only basis, on a walk-in-only basis, or as some combination of the two.

A hospital, on the other hand, provides treatment to patients on a walk-in only basis, with patients seen on a first-come, first-served basis, but also in the priority of the severity of the condition. Hospitals are staffed with a range of medical doctors, including specialists and surgeons who may be on staff or on call to provide emergency, life-saving treatment when needed. Hospitals also have access to any and all diagnostic testing equipment, onsite pharmacies, and medication administration and inpatient services so patients can heal and recover under round-the-clock care.

When to go to a medcare clinic and when to go to a hospital?

With so many options available for medical treatment, it can be confusing to know which one to go to and when. Any condition that is considered to be life-threatening or life-altering needs to be treated through a hospital emergency room. They are equipped with the right tools, medications and medical personnel needed when minutes and seconds can count in a patient’s life.

For mild illnesses and injuries, such as cold and flu symptoms, cuts, scrapes, sprains, sore throat, ear infections, urinary tract infections and other conditions that can be quickly and easily treated with a physical exam, a medical clinic will be able to provide the medical care needed.

At North Tex MedCare Clinic, we provide a variety of options for medical care, to make it easy and convenient for our patients to get the care they need.

We offer appointments, walk-in urgent care and telehealth options for our patients to get medical care without an expensive trip to the hospital. We serve patients from Fort Worth TX, San Antonio TX, Addison TX, Terrell Hills TX, Carrollton TX, Richardson TX, China Grove TX, Farmers Branch TX, Hebron TX, Forest Hill TX, North Richland Hills TX, Leon Valley TX, White Settlement TX, and Highland Park TX.


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