Covid-19 FAQ Near Me in Addison, TX

If you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus come to North Tex MedCare Clinic. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5057 Keller Springs Rd Ste 300 Addison TX 75001.

Covid-19 FAQ Near Me in Addison, TX

Q. Do I qualify for testing?

A. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 recently and have concerns. Or if you have the symptoms of loss of taste, smell, fever, chills, body aches, cough runny nose, or typical upper respiratory symptoms you will qualify.

Q. What type of test is performed?

A. We perform Rapid Antigen test, and Antibody testing.

Q. How is my sample for testing collected?

A. It is either through nasal swab or saliva collection, and or blood.

Q. How will I get results?

A. We will email you results and or Text you results, or call.

Q. Is there an out-of-pocket cost?

A. Based on your insurance it varies.

Q. Do you take insurance?

A. We will bill your insurance company but most times it will be out of network.

Q. How much is your self-pay cost?

A. COVID-19 Rapid Test $175, COVID-19 PCR Antigen Test, COVID-19 Antibody test to test for previous exposure or current exposure.

Q. Do I need an appointment or can I walk in?

A. We do both, and accommodate mobile visit to your place.

Q. How do I prepare for the visit? What do I need to bring with me?

A. To prepare just like going to any other lab but try avoid drinking or eating anything prior to getting tested not to give a false negative result.

Q. What if I need to bring my kids or other family members?

A. Preferably it is best to avoid bringing anyone extra than needed.

Q. How do I get free COVID-19 testing?

A. Please check with your local city testing centers.

Q. IF I have COVID 19 is there anything to do or take?

A. Most people will be pass the virus and be fine. Some may have complications and would benefit consulting with a doctor to get recommendations and treatment plan from the doctor and our doctors can easily help you with your concerns at

If you want to know more about COVID, call us or schedule an appointment online! We serve patients from Addison TX, Carrollton TX, Richardson TX, Farmers Branch TX, Hebron TX, and Highland Park TX.

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